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Admiral Husband E. Kimmel born in Henderson, Kentucky, February 26, 1882

Admiral Husband Kimmel, commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet when Japan bombed Pearl

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel born today 131 years ago today.

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel born 131 years ago today.

Harbor during WWII, was born in Henderson, Kentucky on February 26, 1882.

Henderson is considered the birthplace of the conspiracy theorists who claimed that President Franklin Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed and allowed it to happen to coax the country into World War II, thereby pulling the nation out of the depression.

The theory was Roosevelt went down a list and picked Kimmel to be appointed to the post at Pearl Harbor and then be used as a scapegoat. Kimmel was accused of having knowledge of the attack before it happened which was later proved false. He was relieved of his command and demoted to rear admiral. He retired in 1942 and died in 1968. He was later exonerated from all charges, but his family is still waiting for the signature from a sitting President that will restore his full rank.

Kimmel’s homeplace was located at 5th and Green streets (Family Video) where a historical marker is placed.  Family members are buried in Fernwood Cemetery.

Kimmel came from a long line of military men. His great-great grandfather, Herman Husbands, was jailed for his opposition to King George six years before the Declaration of Independence.

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